Fad Diets to Avoid And Good Weight Loss Steps To Take

We have all heard of the numerous fad diets designed to supposedly make overweight individuals, well, lose their excess weight. These fad diets may or may not recommend the use of oral supplements and meal replacements although most will share an attribute – low levels of a certain substance. The most common of these fad diets are the low-carb, low-fat and low-protein diets.

Reasons Why Not

Low Fat DietsHealth experts generally do not recommend these so-called low-fat diets because of their alarming health risks. It cannot be overemphasized that the body needs macronutrients to stay healthy but the abovementioned fad diets severely restrict the body’s supply to one of the said macronutrients.

For example, the low-carbs diet significantly limits the number of carbohydrates in the daily diet. This results in lower energy levels because carbohydrates are necessary for energy production that, in turn, leads to lethargy, hunger pangs, and an emaciated appearance when the diet is followed for a lengthy period of time.

Such side effects can also be experienced with the low-protein and low-fat diets albeit in varying degrees and duration. Keep in mind that fats, carbohydrates, and proteins are called macronutrients for a reason – you will require large doses of these substances in comparison with the smaller doses of the micronutrients.

But severe macronutrient deprivation is not the only concern with these fad diets. You are also exposing yourself to the potentially harmful oral supplements that proponents of these diets may recommend. Your body will be tricked into thinking that it is not hungry and, thus, you will also suffer from calorie restriction. With so little food feeding your cells, tissues, and organs, you will go weaker every day. You will also grow thinner every day but what use is a thin body when it is unhealthy?

Steps to Avoid

You are well-advised to stay away from the abovementioned fad diets for your own sake. But how can you do so? We suggest the following steps:

Low Carb DietsLook at the recommended meal plans, if there are any. If you see that the diet advocates low levels in any of the macronutrients, then you are better off looking for another diet plan. For example, if the diet calls for boycotting virtually all carbohydrate sources, then it may well be a low-carb diet.

Look at the prints. You can almost immediately see the kind of diet within a few minutes of reading the resource materials. You can assume that the diet is anti-carbs, anti-protein or anti-fat, so to speak, from the way that the author talks about these macronutrients.

Look at the addendums of the diet plan. If it says that a weight loss oral supplement is part of the program, you can start having second thoughts although not all supplements are bad per se.

In the end, the best way to lose weight is to adopt a well-balanced diet where all the macronutrients and micronutrients are present in their healthy levels. Eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, fishes, nuts and seeds while also avoiding junk, salty, sweet and oily food items. Eat 6 small meals a day instead of 3 big ones.

You will soon realize that you can still enjoy good food while also gaining good ground on your war against the bulge.

The Low Carbohydrate Diet

Let’s get something straight so you’ll know why we’re here in the first place. The sad truth is that fast weight loss techniques, that you read about and hear about all the time, are not always effective. That’s right. Many of them do not provide the results that they promise. Fast weight loss is, to be fair, a relative term. “Relative to what?”, you ask. Well, relative to what you consider “fast.” Is your weight reduction goal one week or one month? Is it 10 pounds or 100 or more pounds?

You see, unfortunately, most people don’t want to hear the truth and they’ll fall for an advertisement claiming that they can lose 10 pounds a week when, in reality, that kind of weight loss can be very dangerous and unhealthy. Most people don’t seem to want to know the truth about fast weight loss and they’d rather go on believing that there is a way to lose weight ridiculously fast enough that they’ll be able to shed those 30 pounds in two weeks. Then, unfortunately, they are very disappointed and frustrated when the truth sets in and the highly marketed diet plan that they bought into turns out to be an exaggeration.

We Know What You’re Going Through

Fast Weight Loss Fad DietsThat’s why we are here. We want you to know the truth despite what others are trying to get you to believe. We’re certainly not saying that diets don’t work. We know that diets work but we also know that they’re never a walk in the park. Diets take hard and often frustrating work. Most people give up on a diet just as the diet is about to show results.

We know because the staff at Repair My Weight Loss has experienced most of those diets right along with you. We’ve suffered through the seemingly starvation type diets, the low carb diets, the low-fat diets…just about every one of them. We understand what you are going through and we want to help you.

Fast weight loss diets are, for the most part, unreal. There are a few fast weight loss diets that actually work initially but after you’ve lost the first few pounds rather rapidly, they stall out. There’s a reason for that.

Other proclaimed fast weight reduction diets don’t even come close to their claims. Then there are those that are highly effective if you can stand to stay on them for any amount of time. No matter which diet you use, believe in or want to try, we’ve found that one thing always seems to make the initial phase of any diet work much more effectively.


Drink Water to Lose WeightThe cleansing of the colon by certain methods seems to allow the body to move into diets a bit more easily. The initial shock of any type of diet to the body is tolerated more readily if the colon is cleansed appropriately first. Does this mean you have to experience some form of diarrhea for a week or something nasty like that? No, not at all. Some forms of colon cleansing don’t have much to do with bowel movements but rather what you put into the body over a certain period of time.

We don’t condone or sponsor ANY specific colon cleansing product here at RMWL, but we do promote, strongly, the use of some type of colon cleanser either with or without a diet.

Why? Because your health starts in your colon and that’s the origination of most diseases. This is a private thing. No one has to know that you practice colon cleansing. Just don’t tell them but, for your own sake, DO practice it. Here is a great site for learning more about colon cleansing.

We have lots of information for you to go through at this website and we’ll be adding new information fairly frequently. A lot of our pages have more than one subject in them. Read the entire page before moving on or you might miss some important information. Our goal is to help you understand what’s out there and how it works before you decide whether or not to use a specific kind of diet.

Regardless of which diet plan you choose, you should be able to find good information about it before taking the plunge. Stick with us and see if maybe we can help you get through this difficult time. You’ll thank us for it in the long run.

Can You Really Lose Those Fat Thighs?

Lose Those Fat ThighsWhy is it that you want to lose that thigh fat? Because thigh fat is sometimes thought to be considered to be somewhat unsightly, does this sound about right? Tremendous anguish and frustration can be caused by these not-so-pretty thigh fat. The fact is that there are millions of people who are overweight and many more on the way to being overweight.

Unfortunately, in today’s ocular society, people tend to judge others by their appearance and though this is a cruel fact of life, it is the cause for so many people mistakenly believing that they must have a much thinner body. 

You see, all the TV and visual merchandising tend to hard-wire our brains into believing this. Because the media determine who is attractive and who isn’t, their influence is, unfortunately, our obsession and with this visual attraction social world, the desire to lose weight grows more and more every day; thus, your God-given natural thighs appear to you to be much more distorted than they really are. Your desire to lose that thigh fat is pounded into your brain hourly by every media known to man.

So, you were overweight and decided to change your life and start dieting. You may have purchased some type of diet plan or read a book, whatever. You were committed and you began your program and it was working beautifully for a while and it was coming off pretty fast. Faster than you thought it would. You were happy, elated and things were going right for you.

You were committed to the program and you were continuously losing about 1-2 pounds of body fat every week. Then suddenly, out of the blue, after a month or two, you noticed that the pounds you were losing are getting less and less and eventually the entire weight loss thing grounds to a halt. “What has happened?”, you wonder in total frustration. “I’ve done everything right and now all the work seems to do nothing further.

Ketosis Diet For Weight Loss

Ketosis Diet to Lose WeightI’m certain lots of people have already heard for the name ketosis diet like I have, too.

But, what precisely does it imply and what are its pros and cons? Let’s look.

First of all, the word ketosis refers to the human body condition when it lacks carbohydrates and begins to depend on proteins, fat, and muscle to compensate energy. This explains why this diet got the name ketosis diet. Put differently, a ketosis diet is low carb or no carb diet.

In this state, the brain sends information to your body to reserve glucose for emergencies only. This happens due to the lack of carbs consumption in your body. Then, the brain has to start using fat storages since it instantly requires energy. Seems to be fantastic, doesn’t it?

There seems to be something that you yet don’t know, and it is that ketosis is explained by a huge number of many medical professionals as a crisis of the body. Hence, not only is it the state of carbohydrate privation, but it is also regarded as the crisis of the body.

Thus, before you have made up your mind, begin with a ketosis diet follow carefully the preceding instructions. This information is enough to keep your hands off from this diet permanently. Nonetheless, if you need extra information, let’s find out what are its fallouts.

The elementary fallouts of a ketosis diet are general fatigue, being constantly tired and akin malfunctions of the body which happen only because of not having enough glucose in your body. But aside from those, it may as well damage your liver forever and put down muscle tissue. I’m fairly certain you don’t want to feel this. But wait, there is more of this!

Considering the outcomes of a ketosis dieting, you certainly won’t be able to follow even the easiest workout regime. And as we all know, it is crucial to exercise if you need to reduce weight. Furthermore, you feel tired constantly, you can’t exercise when you don’t have enough energy. You are very limited in picking out what kind of food to eat and which not. What comes about next is that your body uses its fat to compensate for its energy.

And Then, you begin starving which is in many points a sort of sickness. Starvation may make long term damage to your body and may as well influence any future attempts to reduce unwanted kilos. Please, pay a lot of attention before you make up your mind to begin a new “promising” diet. To sum up, the ketosis diet is not really a pleasant process.

There are so many various options and useful diets which can render a healthier lifestyle. Thus, you shouldn’t take demanding and severe ketosis diet as your way for losing weight.

Best Fast Weight Loss Diets – Rapid Weight Loss – Fast Weight Loss Diet Methods That Work

More often than not, somebody that is overweight is desperate to lose that weight. There can be many reasons why you would want to slim down, such as social pressure, health or maybe you are just sick of having a little extra flab. These triggers often cause people to look for alternative methods of weight loss, compared to the traditional approaches of exercise and diet.

Liquid Weight Loss DietsThis may lead somebody to start thinking about using a liquid diet – in this article, I am going to cover several reasons why you should avoid a liquid diet. If you want to get back into shape, then there really cannot be any substitute for healthy dieting and regular exercise.

That said, you should not start a liquid diet because they can be quite expensive. This is because, most liquid diets require that you buy shake powders or packages, most of which only cost a few dollars. However, over time the cost of these supplements starts adding up.

I remember reading through an article in the New York Times, where a woman bought diet shakes for an entire year, the total cost of the shake was over $1,000 each year.

To me, that is a lot of money – money that could be better spent on something else. The problem with having such a high cost is that it may discourage people from buying the shakes. Which can be bad, as in most cases, if you stop the diet, then you will regain the weight. So really, it just not a sustainable option for anybody that is trying to stay in shape for a long period of time.

You should also keep in mind the health implication, as a liquid diet is just that, a diet that contains liquid. You are not getting the fiber that you require in your diet, this means that going to the toilet may become quite difficult. It is worth noting that a lot of diets these days do some with fiber added so that you do not have to worry about this. I would recommend that you make sure your diet contains the required fiber for your body.

Now you can see, a liquid diet may not be all that they are cracked up to be. Usually, they are just a smart little way to get your money, in exchange for some cheap powder. Losing weight is not that difficult, in only requires discipline – so you do not need any fancy diet.

Just make sure you are not eating foods which are highly processed and you are getting regular exercise. If you do these two things, then you can expect to lose that unwanted flab in a short period of time. Furthermore, you would be able to keep it off without having to buy expensive shakes.

Full Speed Ahead On Your Diet

Have you ever thought of your diet as a road? Roads have bends, twists, and speed bumps along the way. Diets do as well. On your weight loss road, you’re going to make choices that aren’t on your diet. It isn’t realistic to believe you’re never going to make food choices that aren’t on your diet. Diets are meant to be consistent, not perfect. The key is to know there are speed bumps along the way and to move full speed ahead from them.

Weight Loss PerspectivesThe key to success is what you do the majority of the time. Dieting and losing weight isn’t shining a spotlight on a single choice, a specific day or two. It is a zoom-out perspective of what you do over the period of a few days, weeks, and months. We didn’t become overweight with one bad choice or even “going for it” for a few days.

We’ve become overweight through multiple unhealthy choices over a prolonged period of time. Don’t let a bad choice derail you. You don’t have to wait until Monday or the following day to start again. When you make a bad choice, pick yourself up and begin again right then. You don’t have to beat yourself for a bad choice but congratulate yourself for getting right back on track. Now that’s a reason to feel proud of yourself.

Many of us expect perfection of ourselves when it comes to our weight loss program. When we go off track, we feel disappointed and discouraged. It’s your consistent eating patterns over weeks and months that matter and adds up to weight loss. Those few slip-ups are merely speed-bumps in the road. When you get past the speed bump of a food slip up, put your pedal to the metal and move full speed ahead to continue your weight loss success. The occasional slip-ups do not determine your weight loss success.

When you find yourself getting back on track, here are some suggested strategies to stay on track:

* Eat only fruits and vegetables for between meal snacks.

* Drink at least eight glasses of water (64 ounces total) per day. This will help you feel less hungry and your metabolism running efficiently and at its maximum.

* Do not skip meals to make up for an earlier calorie indulgence. Skipping meals only serve to slow down your metabolism.

* Record your food and activity. Write down what you eating, even a taste of this or a bite of that.

* Sugar-free and fat-free choices count. These choices are not calorie-free. Make sure you’re not eating excessive amounts of these types of foods and thinking they are free of calories.

* By exercising, you’ll gain the feeling of control and being back on your diet track.

* Don’t beat yourself up for choices you can’t take back. Note why you made the food choices that you did and learn from them for the future. You can use these speed bumps as lessons for future choices.

The journey to weight loss success isn’t determined with one choice. Zoom out in your perspective and know that your weight loss success comes to you when you can make consistent healthy choices. Persistence with your weight loss plan is what is important. Look at your weight loss as a continual journey that has a few speed bumps along the way and has the most beautiful scenery that is your life. Enjoy!

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