Getting Rid of That Extra Weight

The most common kind of advice we usually get when trying to lose weight is doing exercises and taking a balanced diet. While these methods are effective if properly followed, there are other simpler procedures and techniques you may also follow to help you lose weight. Below are some 10 ways of getting rid of that extra weight:

# 1 – Prepare your own meals

Meals to Lose FatBy preparing your meals, you will get the opportunity of controlling your portions. For you to have a successful transition to self-prepared meals, do not change everything straight away. It is advisable that you begin with one meal as you progress to others. For instance, change your breakfast by preparing a nutritious and low-calorie breakfast that includes eggs or oatmeal with a bit of salad or fruit smoothie.

# 2 – Incorporate color blue into your day to day life more regularly

As strange as it seems, the color blue is a quite effective appetite depressant. Serve your meals, on blue plates, cover your table in a blue cloth and dress in blue while you eat! Avoid the colors orange, red and yellow in your dining area.

# 3 – Position a mirror opposite your normal eating place

This is another interesting technique that helps you lose weight. One study established that taking your meals in front of your mirror cuts the amount of food consumed by almost one-third. It is believed that looking at yourself in the mirror while eating stops over-indulgence.

# 4 – Serve your meals restaurant style

Diets and Weight Loss in RestaurantsServe your meals on plates instead of serving them in bowls. This means that once you clear your plate, you are done; there is no room for additions.

# 5 – Steer clear of white foods

Health specialists always advise that we should reduce the intake of carbohydrates in our diets. This is because excessive amounts of carbohydrates such as those from sugars and white floor can easily lead to weight gain and increase in blood sugar levels. Alternatively, we ought to include sufficient brown rice and whole grain in our meals.

# 6 – Take ordinary coffee

Avoid Fancy DrinksAvoid fancy coffee drinks because their ingredients such as whipped cream, syrups and milk are full of calories. An ordinary cup of coffee with skim milk contains lower calorie content.

# 7 – Eat calmly and unhurriedly

After every bite of food you make, put down your fork and spoon and sip water time after time. Talk with your partner or family about how your day was within these intervals. If you take your food without hurry, your brain will signal that you no longer require more food in your system after a period of time.

# 8 – Take more salads

Eat More Salads and VegetablesFruits and green leafy vegetables are not only highly nutritious, but they have low-calorie contents as well. These foods are easily digested by the body; giving you more energy and boosts your metabolism rates. A faster metabolism rate means that more fat is burnt in the body.

# 9 – Do not skip meals

Most of us fall for this temptation – starving ourselves. Skipping meals is unhealthy and counter-productive. The body is naturally adapted to sustain itself during periods of low food supply by going into ‘starvation mode.’ This means that it will desperately cling to all fat reserves until normal supply is resumed.

# 10 – Hire someone

Finally, hire a good personal trainer to motivate and inspire you as endeavor towards your goals. Such professionals will help you stay on your feet and not lose focus.

In conclusion, losing that extra weight may be an enormous task, but if you follow the correct procedures and have the right motivation and enthusiasm to match, you will eventually fulfill your goals.

Workouts To Get Rid Of Extra Weight

Workouts To Lose Fat Fastor Weight Loss SuccessAre you in need of a workout that will help you lose that fat and get a more toned tummy area? Not sure if you can actually find this type of exercise? I have found the Best Exercise To Flatten Tummy that not only focuses on your midsection, but also the rest of your body.

Getting a total body workout is important and needed if you are going to lose that fat tummy and get a more toned and flatter tummy or any fat for that matter. The keys are to eat more often and less fatty foods. As well, adding a good workout for 30-60 minutes at least 3 times a week. I know what you are saying, and yes you can do this. It is really not that hard. The hardest part about a workout is starting one.

So, let me tell you about the type of workouts you can expect. This is a total body workout. You learn how to work your core, to get those most wanted abs or a flat tummy. You will work your arms and legs because you can not exclude these important muscles and you will work your back and shoulders. I was like you a couple of months ago. Looking for something online to help me, however being very cautious as well, because you can never really know what you are buying until you get it. So back to my story, I ended up finding a product that really worked(go to for me and started to understand why I as not losing that fat on my tummy area. The reason was, I was not burning enough calories. On top of that, did you know that you can not target train your tummy area? Target train means to focus on one area alone. You can target train your arms, but not your core. You can do sit ups until you are blue in the face, but that fat is not going anywhere. WOW! Is that not crazy or what?

Belly FatSee, your body loves to store fat in the belly area. It is the perfect place to keep extra energy should you require it. So, learning this key component to losing tummy fat helped me understand what I was doing wrong. Next, if you think that doing sit ups is the right and only way to get a flattened tummy you are way off. See you can do all those sit ups, over and over. Yes, you will build muscle in that area, but you are building muscle over fat.

Read up on it if you think you don’t believe me. That is why it is important to add a good cardio workout to lose that flab. More so for men than women. Most women want a flat tummy, however, most men want that rock hard ab look. What ever your choice is you can achieve your goal. One more thing. When you visit Exercises For Your Tummy Program you can try the program of $5.00. That is less then it would cost you to drive to the gym.

The benefits of working out at home are great. You can workout when you have time. You don’t have to fight over machines. You don’t have to drive anywhere and if you are a new parent you can still keep an eye on your child. If you want to try the program for $5.00 click on one of the text links above. Try it out and see if you like it or not. No risk to you. If you don’t seem to think it will work for you, I wish you the best in your hunt for exercises for your tummy.

How To Get Rid Of Fat

If you want to get rid of fat you’ll have to desire it and I mean really want it, it is not good enough to go into this thing with a half pie attitude of ‘we will see’. This will get you absolutely nowhere and let’s face it ‘we’ll see’ means I do not really believe that I can do it, I will only put in half the effort which equals half the results.

The above is like the teachings of ‘the secret’ and ‘Dale Carnegie’, we get exactly what we expect. If we expect to get rid of our extra weight then that is precisely will happen.

The three main areas to focus on in getting rid of fat. (With everything in life, success is usually down to three things)

Planning &


Prepare yourself mentally for battle, you will need to become stubborn and single-minded in not letting anything stand in the way of your pursuit in eliminating that fat forever. This time be absolutely 100% committed to changing your lifestyle because that is what it will take, to get this thing done and this time no yo-yo’s this time is different, this time it is going to be permanent. Take a moment and reflect back on what got in your way last time, here is my list

Holiday Season

What I did to combat this, is I wrote my list as above and thought of all the ways that the things on my list had got in the way in the past and at first I became angry, boy I was livid. Then I thought of ways to combat everything that they could possibly throw at me. Each answer to dealing with a situation became my armor. Guess what happened, my preparation paid off and I achieved my goals. Friends (saboteur’s) even told me they admired how strong I had become and they even sort my advice without any prompting on my part, which was really cool.


Listen closely and Listen well you will quadruple your results if you pen your plan and implement it without straying.

Write down the following sub headings and then write your plan under each sub heading, in a note book

exercise regime/schedule

Use another note book for a food diary, here you will write down everything that you eat and drink throughout the day. It is important to do it after each meal, not at the end of the day. You have another job at days end and that is to go through your food diary with a calorie counter (a small book with the calorie count of each food item listed) which is available from most good book stores. Add up the total and check that you are on target. Look at the foods you have eaten and astrix anything that fell into the naughty category. Please do not feel too bad as it happens to the best of us, use it as a tool to keeping on track in getting rid of that fat forever.


The effort here equals results if you do not put in the effort the only person that you are fooling is yourself, what price can you put on happiness, it is the one and only true commodity that is priceless, right!
Keep to your plan, there really is no excuse for missing out a workout, I find that when I feel too tired to carryout my exercise program and force myself out of bed I usually end up having an awesome workout and feel full of energy after wards.

If you have scheduled a ride at 1 pm, go and do it at that scheduled time, have your gear prepared the night before, I forgot my running shoes, please! (refer to para one).

Once again, write down all your completed exercise sessions, this information will become invaluable for further planning and assessing your progress.

So if you want to get rid of Fat, get real serious and take the time to prepare, plan and execute. The end state will be, you feeling and looking the part of a winner and you are.

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