Green Tea Can Be Good For Weight Loss

Green Tea For Weight LossIn recent times, there has been an increase in the demand for weight loss supplements. I suppose people are just looking for an easier weight out of there problems. One of the most popular supplements that have noticed is that of Green Tea – it has been said that drinking just one mug of warm green tea, can actually help with weight loss.

The theory behind is that green tea weight loss works by increasing the metabolic rate of the body. As we all know, the metabolic rate is the rate at which our bodies convert food to energy, the faster a metabolic rate, the faster one can potentially lose that fat.

So… does green tea weight loss actually work?

The answer to this question is somewhat divided, there are numerous people that recommend green tea for weight loss, whereas, there are just as many that do not.

A study, by Adelaide University, found that green tea, in 60% of subjects was able to help them reduce their weight. That is, compared to a test group that was just drinking a placebo – there is still some debate over the accuracy of this study.

One thing worth noting: the study did not have the test subjects merely drink green tea, instead, they were also required to exercise and follow a balanced diet. This means that green tea will not cause you to lose weight on its own. If you want to lose weight, then you will still need to follow a healthy diet and do some regular exercise.Losing Weight With Tea


So where does green tea come in?

There are numerous weight loss supplements on the market – in fact, numerous may be a bit of an understatement – there are literally thousands of them. I honestly believe that green tea falls within the supplement category. The reason for this is that green tea will not have you lose weight on its own – instead, it will still require that you do some exercise.

Should I use it?

That really depends on your situation – the price of different products can vary considerably, so if you can afford it, then I would recommend that you give it a try. Also, keep in mind that it will only assist around 60% of people that actually use it – so if you are in that 40% group, then you may as well be drinking water instead.

In short, green tea for weight loss should only be used as a supplement. If you simply think that, drinking one glass a day will get you into shape, then I am sorry to say that you are wrong. It simply is not that easy. You are still required to watch what you eat and continue with some healthy exercise.

Green Tea Weight Loss Fact Or Fiction?

Love Your Tea And Lose Some FatWe have all heard about Green Tea and how it can be a source of antioxidant properties. However, it looks like it can be used as a green tea weight loss program as well. The reason behind green tea makes an excellent way to lose the weight is not only because of the many antioxidants that it provides, but also because if has special benefits that help the body to burn the unwanted calories as well as speed up the metabolism.

Green tea works similar to coffee by using what is called thermogenesis along with EGCG to burn off the calories that are being stored in the cells of the body. And it has been said you only need to drink 5 cups of tea a day in order to burn as much as 75 calories. If we were to calculate that, 75 x 30 = 2250 calories that will be burned in a month. But you will have to drink 150 cups of tea in order to reach this amount. Not bad if you are an avid tea drinker.

Now if you are wondering if there is any real proof that green tea works, apparently there is. There was research done and published back in 2005 that shows this tea can help to fight fat. Not only can it battle the fat, but it also has health benefits as well. These benefits include having anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anticancer properties. And we already know about its antioxidant properties.

This makes green tea weight loss more than a weight loss plan, it makes it an overall plan to maintain and keep up with your overall health and wellness. And because it has great nutritional value, this is a tea that you should be incorporating into your daily routine every day. Also here is a little suggestion for you, if you want to stop your coffee habit, replace it will the delicious taste of tea. The costs are lower and there are a variety of flavors to accommodate everyone’s taste.

So don’t knock it until you try it.Woman Drinking Green Tea

Now you must keep in mind that this tea is not going to produce the same benefits for everyone. There are some people that will experience exceptional results while others might be a little disappointed that it doesn’t work as fast for them. This is because everyone’s body type and body systems work differently.

So don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results right away. Remember that this tea has been researched to work in reducing weight.

The conclusion is that green tea weight loss is great for you in a number of ways. You can lose those unwanted pounds, keep yourself healthy via the tea’s additional health benefits, and ensure that your wellness is keep up to par.

So why not get started today with this healthy and delicious tea that can assist you in losing weight, maintaining your health, and enjoying the taste of green tea. I am sure that you will be surprised at the results.

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