How To Manage Carbohydrates And Lose The Weight

Avoid High Calorie CarbsMost people are afraid of carbohydrates because they think they will make them fat. But nothing could be further from the truth, and if you don’t eat carbs get ready for a very bumpy ride.

The tricky part here is that most people do not know how to manage their carbs for best results.

So here is how to dial in your intake of carbohydrates:

1. Make sure you are having enough: Once your intake goes below forty percent of total calories, you are going to run into some serious trouble. First, your brain will not be able to perform as quickly. Second, you will burn through precious calorie-burning muscle for energy.Burning Calories Helps to Balance Carb Intake

2. Have a shake right after your last exercise: Time is of the essence here. And bear in mind that you don’t have to have a supplement here, you can make your own natural shake with blended oats, for instance. Just make sure you are getting some form of liquid carbohydrate into your system.

3. Don’t overdo your consumption of whole grains: Many people have fallen under the impression that whole grains are super healthy. Well, the reality is that you should only have whole grains during times of intense physical activity.

Avoid bingeing on fruit
4. Avoid bingeing on fruit: Fruit is another area of confusion for many people. You see, massive quantities of fruit are not healthy for you. Instead, focus the bulk of your fruit intake during breakfast and before training. During these time periods, your body will benefit the most from fruit.Have Vegetables For Your Carbohydrates

5. Have vegetables with your carbohydrates: Doing this is very simple, yet very effective as well. You see, vegetables will slow down the digestion of your carbs which in turn will prevent your fat cells from sucking them up.

6. Avoid night eating syndrome: Night eating syndrome can singlehandedly destroy all your efforts to get in shape. So make sure you don’t gorge on carbs right before going to bed. Even worse, don’t have carbs in the middle of the night.

Never give up your intake of carbohydrates. If you do, you will suffer some nasty side effects. Instead, take heed of the advice in this article!

Losing The Weight You Hate


Losing The Weight You HateWe all at some time make the decision to lose some weight. Whether it’s to improve our fitness or appearance or both, the hardest part is finding a weight loss plan to suit us.

Don’t let yourself get bogged down by trawling the net trying to find your perfect weight loss plan. The two easiest methods are going to a dietician to get a plan put together for you, or create one yourself using your favorite healthy foods.

If this is the first time that you have seriously embarked on a weight loss plan, or have a lot of weight to lose, you may be indecisive about devising your own plan and consider paying for one instead.

Here are a few pros and cons of paying for a plan…

Paying for a weight loss plan can come under various guises; the two most popular being the slimming club or the online programs. A slimming club is where you attend a weekly meeting in your area with other like-minded people.

These meetings are generally just getting weighed and chatting about stuff and giving each other support. Some clubs do include exercises as well.

There is still a lot of support through online groups, but they are obviously in the form of forums, emails, and postings. There is always a great selection of new and healthy recipes and exercise instructions.

The big plus of having a weight loss program that you have paid for is that you know it has been put together by nutritional experts who know exactly what to do to lose weight and are passing on their expertise to others.

The only negative to paying for a weight loss program is, well, paying for it. Some of the bigger, well know companies will generally charge more than the smaller, lesser known ones. Check online and read the testimonials etc. This will give a good indication of how well different plans work.

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