How To Take Advantage Of Color And Lose Weight

Colorful Foods For Weight LossThink of the fast food restaurants you’ve eaten in. The color schemes tend towards oranges, reds, and yellows. Picture Ronald McDonald with his yellow suit and red hair. This isn’t done accidentally. These colors are chosen purposefully by restaurants because they make you feel hungry. Colors have psychological effects on us: if we see someone dressed all in black we perceive them differently from someone who is dressed in yellow. We would probably see the yellow dresser as happy while the black dresser is seen as depressed, sad, or dreary. Color has a huge impact on our lives and on our appetites.

A lot of the foods we eat are red, orange, yellow, and green. When we see foods of this color our brains tell us that it is good to eat. Surrounding yourself with those colors further encourages you to eat. While this is good for restaurant owners, it is not so good for your diet. If your kitchen or dining room is red, orange, or yellow, you may want to rethink your color scheme. If you have dishes in these hues, try switching them. Get informed, fat loss revealed to score more respectable results.

Green Is Good For Weight LossWhat should you replace your orange dishware with? Try blue. Blue foods occur much more rarely in nature than do red, orange, yellow, and green foods. It used to be a signal to our ancestors that a food might be poisonous. Perhaps this evolved until we get to the present, where the sight of blue food is unappealing. Imagine blue bread, blue eggs, and blue mashed potatoes. Just the very color taps into our primal brain and tells us not to eat. Even in packages of M&Ms, the most popular colors are red, yellow, and orange. The red ones were pulled due to concerns about the dye that was used in 1979. Overwhelming customer demand brought the color back in 1987, with a new and improved dye. For more dependable solutions sample warp speed fat loss to facilitate your training.

Is changing your décor and dishware to blue tones going to cause you to lose 10 pounds? What about 20 pounds? Not by itself. Nothing works without diet and exercise, and changing color schemes isn’t a cure-all. But it is a tool you can put in your arsenal. Any help you can get will help you get closer to your weight loss goals. It definitely can’t hurt anything to give this color theory a try, and it just might be a step in the right direction. Become knowledgeable, fat burning furnace to realize better results.

Is a Vegetarian Diet Better for Weight Loss?

Some people might think a vegetarian diet is automatically low in calories. This is a wrong perception of this type of eating. Just because it includes all vegetables it does not mean it cannot have a high calorie count. It depends on the portions and types of vegetables being consumed.

Beans and Protein

Beans and ProteinBeans are used a lot of time for protein with the vegetarians. The beans if over consumed can have a fair amount of calories. On the other hand, turnip greens are fairly low in calories. In other words, if you balance your vegetarian meals right then yes you can lose weight on them. However, if you overeat calorie wise compared to what you burn up you will gain weight vegetables or not.

Most people that choose to eat vegetarian are doing it for other reasons than just losing weight. It is usually a chosen lifestyle followed for ethical, cultural or religious beliefs. Some also believe it is part of living in a more green way and kinder to the environment.

It is true that eating more vegetables and less meat is good for you. But if you leave off meat entirely you must replace it with enough vegetable protein to make up for it.

Below are some ideas for this:


Kidney beans

Black beans




Peanut Butter


Of course, this is just a partial list of foods that can be used for protein in a vegetarian diet. There are many others.

Green-Leafy Vegetables

A vegetarian diet does include the green-leafy vegetables that provide the body with a number of minerals and vitamins. Calcium and iron are just two on the minerals for in them. Your bones cannot be strong without calcium and iron makes the blood strong. Vitamins C, K, A and folate are also part of the nutrients these vegetables provide. They are not only a valuable source for fiber but they also promote the health of the heart and are preventatives for some kinds of cancer.Green-Leafy Vegetables

Complex Carbohydrates

The complex carbohydrates (carbs) for the vegetarian are the same for anyone. Whole-grain products, oats, brown rice, pasta (made of whole wheat) and more provide this type of carbs. These are essential to a weight-loss or any diet to increase and maintain energy levels. These also make you feel fuller and more satisfied.


Vegetarians will eat dairy products whereas vegans will not. So this is a personal choice. There are plenty of low-fat dairy choices if you still are going to consume them. If not, try soymilk as a replacement for milk. There are plenty of vegetables that can provide calcium like dairy can.

Now you can see how with a bit of planning you can make a vegetarian-diet plan up. Is it better for losing weight than other diets? Not necessarily, you still have to consume fewer calories than your body burns in a day to accomplish weight loss. However, a vegetarian diet is an extremely healthy way to lose when done correctly.

How To Lose Weight At Home

To lose weight requires you to follow a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise. But exercise doesn’t have to mean going to a gym – so here are some tips on how to lose weight at home without having to worry about expensive gym fees or having the time to get there several times a week.

1. How To Lose Weight At Home By Fasting

Fasting, in this case, doesn’t mean going without food altogether – it means having one or two days a week where you just eat (or should I say drink) juices made from fresh fruits and vegetables. You still get lots of nutrients from the juices (and lots of healthy soluble fiber), but this really helps detox your body and get your body burning fat.

Lose Weight At Home Through Exercise2. How To Lose Weight At Home Through Exercise

There are lots of exercises to lose weight you can do at home – either with free exercises (using your body as resistance) or by purchasing a treadmill or exercise bike. Stairmasters and tread climbers are also great exercise equipment for burning off extra calories and improving your cardio health and fitness. Whichever piece of equipment you decide to buy you should aim to buy the highest quality make you can afford. Better quality equipment will give you a better workout and last much longer – probably a lifetime.

3. How To Lose Weight At Home With Exercise Videos

The best exercise to lose weight is anything that is considered aerobic. Exercising with treadmills and exercise bikes is aerobic, as is working out to a home fitness or exercise video. Aerobic exercise increases your heart rate and breathing rate, and this, in turn, helps your body to burn stored fat to create the extra energy it needs to perform the exercises. But don’t follow the same exercise routine all the time – have 4 of 5 videos that you really like and keep switching.Lose Weight At Home With Weight Training

4. How To Lose Weight At Home With Weight Training

You could buy a home gym or just some free weights with some dumbbells and barbells. Weight training helps burn off lots of calories and increases your muscle mass. The act of weight training itself doesn’t burn fat, but the extra muscle mass you will build will help burn off extra calories, even when you’re not working out.

5. How To Lose Weight At Home Or Outdoors

Walking, running and cycling are great aerobic exercises and consequently great ways to burn off extra calories and fat reserves. If this is your preferred method of exercise, try to walk, run or cycle at least three times a week – ideally five times a week. You could walk to work, or get off the bus several stops early and walk the last mile or so. Take the kids for a long walk, run or bike ride in your local park at weekends.

So, if you really want to know how to lose weight at home, hopefully, these weight loss tips will help get you started. Get started today and by the end of the week, you’ll feel like a whole new person.

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