Marathon Training And Health Trends For Losing Weight

Marathon Training And Health Trends For Losing WeightThere is misleading information about using marathon training as an effective way of losing weight. Perhaps prior to explaining if or if not marathon training burns body fat, it is important to understand the different energy systems used in any kind of physical activity.

There are two main energy systems that are in use whenever a person is working out no matter what type of exercise one is involved in. You can either use anaerobic or aerobic energy system. The main difference between these energy systems is in the amount of time involved.

Anaerobic energy system takes a short time and as a result, uses readily obtainable energy in your body. This normally lasts for less than three minutes and a good example is sprinting across a football field. Aerobic system, on the other hand, takes longer, usually some minutes to hours.

In aerobic training, the body breaks down body fat for fuel as soon as the readily available glycogen has been depleted. Aerobic activity is anything that involves endurance training for example marathon training, hiking or even cross-country cycling.

Since it takes a while for stored body fat to be burnt into fuel, aerobic system is usually a slower process and that is why it is recommended for slow but long endurance exercises.

So, back to the question, is marathon running a good way to cut down body weight.?

Group of People Doing Marathon For Weight LossYes, but care must be taken. Here is the reason, marathon running involves very demanding training that can take a toll on your body systems if you are a beginner. Of course, it gets better with experience, however, one must train for marathon cautiously with a well-designed program.

The main challenge in marathon lies in training than actually in running the marathon event in question. Losing weight in marathon comes through sound training than running marathon itself. Training demands will use up most of the extra body fat that one is trying to get rid of.

A good marathon training plan should be used to prevent possible injuries associated with marathon training. As a beginner if are planning to use marathon to lose weight, make sure you have been cleared by your physician.

Because marathon requires a high level of fitness, to minimize the chances of getting running-related injuries, it is significant to work on your strength components as well. Overtraining is the biggest drawback in marathon training, but with a good coach or well-designed marathon training plan, it can be prevented.

Due to the fact that running or training for a marathon is a high energy consumption exercise, it is important to pay close attention to your nutrition. Most people get it all wrong by cutting down on their food intake just because they are trying to lose weight and end up with other problems. Your body needs the energy to burn fat. Remember a healthy permanent weight loss is a gradual process, and marathon training if used properly can give you just that. Just make sure you start off with a reliable marathon training plan.

Fitness Trends That Can Damage Your Health

What do you see when turning on the television, especially late at night when you can’t sleep? The newest fitness trends on the market today. Many television networks show different infomercials for these fitness trends. Are they actually good for your health? Many of them are not and don’t really do anything to help you lose weight anyway.

The Right Running Shoes Make All The Difference

Barefoot Sneakers

Barefoot shoes are supposed to replicate running barefoot. Although the manufacturers of this product want you to believe that these shoes will help support you better when running, cut back on injuries and improve posture-this isn’t true at all. The reality of it is that these shoes will have you landing hard on your feet. Most people land on their heels when running and these shoes will have you landing on your forefoot. If you use these shoes, you will have to change your running stride. Recently, a study was done that most people can’t learn to run a different way. So if using these shoes, you will be landing hard on what seems like your heels but is really your forefoot. This could actually cause injuries instead of preventing them.

Toning Sneakers

Toning Sneakers are more expensive than what they are worth to begin with. These sneakers are supposed to help you burn calories while toning your legs and thighs at the same time. However, a recent study found that the extra cushion can cause injury because they might even change the way you walk. Recent studies have shown that these sneakers aren’t what they are all cracked up to be.

Energy Drinks

Although these might taste good and you might actually think they are helping to improve energy, focus, and performance before and during your workout, they are not good for you at all. They contain loads of sugar and caffeine, sometimes as much caffeine as 10 cans of Coca-Cola, which isn’t good for you at all. If you think you need something like this then try coconut water which contains electrolytes.

Six Pack in Minutes

The Six Pack in Minutes was an over promised mess. This product promised you would get a six pack in only 8 minutes just by sitting around and wearing a belt. Because of this promise, those who bought into the trend quit their whole workout routine and tried the Six Pack in Minutes. This led to people being sedentary and gaining weight instead of losing it. In turn, it created increased rates in obesity and an increased risk in users overall health.


Many people are turning to these fads to help them lose weight, get in shape and even build muscle. However, they don’t work and can be bad for your health. If you really want to lose weight and get in shape as well as build muscle then stick with your regular fitness routine. Don’t fall into these fitness trends. They’re not worth the trouble you will be getting into while using them. Sticking to a regular fitness routine either at home or at the gym will gain you better results with fitness and health. Using a treadmill, exercise bike or dumbbells is a better idea than these trends.

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