Strategies For Maintaining Your Weight Loss Goals While Traveling

Traveling And Weight Loss DietsHaving to leave your familiar and predictable environment can really set you back in terms of progress. After all, something as simple as finding healthy food can be very hard when you are on the road.

Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to prevent your body from turning to mush.

So here is how to stay in shape when you are forced to travel:

1. Don’t let more than two weeks go by before exercising: At the very least you need to have a very intense weight lifting session every two weeks to prevent excess muscle loss. Although you will lose cardiovascular conditioning, you will be able to maintain your metabolism.

2. Don’t stop eating: You need to make sure that you maintain your eating frequency. Try to eat every three hours and never let more than 5 hours go by in between meals. This will prevent you from losing muscle and storing fat.

3. Invest in some bands: Heavy duty resistance bands can be really helpful when it comes to long distance workouts. And some of the newer bands are of extremely high quality and can apply a lot of resistance to your muscles.

4. Invest in a suspension trainer: I personally believe suspension training is way overhyped. However, if you are on the run it’s better than nothing. Moreover, just like resistance bands, suspension trainers don’t weigh much and are extremely portable.

5. Work your big muscles: You really need to avoid any type of split routine when you are on the road. If time is limited you need to exercise as much muscle mass as possible within a limited time period. This will be the best strategy for keeping you in shape.

6. Don’t expect to operate at the same intensity: Most likely, if you are traveling there will many additional stressors on your body. This means that you should adjust the loads in your workouts accordingly. And go at a pace that doesn’t put you at risk.

Being on the road doesn’t have to be a death sentence to your results. So take action on this advice next time you have to travel!

Does Exercise Really Help Lose Weight?

Exercise While TravelingFor most people exercise is the one thing that makes them lose hope of ever shedding off the extra weight that they have always longed to lose. Exercise can be a light exercise, for instance, going for a walk can be considered as light exercise. There is also moderate exercise such as cycling as well as vigorous exercises such as running or heavy weight training. Different people engage in regular exercise for different reasons but the main reason for working out is to lose weight. However, many people will turn to short cuts where they will get diets that will promise to facilitate losing weight quickly.

People who have in the long term succeeded in losing weight have always incorporated diet with exercise. Definitely, regular exercise has got constructive and positive effects on body metabolism. There are also many other detriments associated with regular exercise apart from losing weight. There are no general rules on exercise and exercise is just as it is; working out! There is no prescription therefore of working out that will help you lose more weight than another. None the less, just like the way there are various combinations of diets, that are not equal in terms of giving you balanced nutrition so are exercise plans you cannot be able to maximize your attempt to lose weight by doing only one kind of exercise, you must do all kinds of work out.

For instance, you cannot do aerobics solely and not take into account resistance training which is fundamental in weight loss because it helps build muscle that is indispensable with your metabolism. This also enhances your energy disbursements and has got more health benefits than aerobics. however, there are benefits associated with doing aerobics such as toning up body muscles, increasing stamina and endurance, enhancing blood flow and will generally reduce the risk of heart disease.

Thus the type of the exercise that you will do, and the intensity of the exercise being done and of course the length in terms of time of doing the exercise are some of the general things that need to be adhered to when losing weight.

A rule of the thumb is incorporating diet and exercise and it will help you in losing weight in the long term. This is because exercise is the missing connection in weight loss and most people do not want to exercise because they want the easy way out in shedding the excess weight. Therefore do not try a quick fix to lose weight, use a diet plan that you think best suits you and an effective exercise plan that will help keep your body healthy. Exercise will also help you be mentally healthy as well as improve your physical fitness by strengthening the muscles, improving cardiovascular system.

Apart from these, working out is fun, is a way of getting away from everyday hassles and is sure a good way of socializing that will ultimately help in losing weight or keeping that weight in control.

Finding the Time and Will to Exercise

Exercise – this is arguably the most difficult aspect of weight loss for many reasons. For one thing, physical exercise is not exactly part of your daily activities since you may be focused on pushing a pencil and paper. For another thing, physical exercise can lead to muscle soreness, bruises and other possible injuries that can discourage anybody.

Fortunately, there is a solution for every problem in normal weight loss even if it means thinking outside the box. Take note that the emphasis is weight loss through the normal route of proper diet, exercise, and lifestyle sans the surgical and medical methods like gastric bands and fat burners, respectively.

Be Eco-Friendly

What is being eco-friendly to do with weight loss in general and exercise in particular, you may ask? Think of it this way: If you are an eco-friendly person, you will adopt measures to lessen your carbon footprint on the earth. You will walk, run and bike as well as take the stairs instead of driving your car, riding the bus and taking the elevator.

You will then be getting your daily dose of exercise! Indeed, it is not necessary to huff and puff on the treadmill to enjoy the benefits of cardio exercise because your daily life is already filled with it.

Be Creative

Even when you are pressed for time and you must take the elevator, you can still get your daily dose of cardio exercise in the office. Be creative for you will surely find something to do that will involve physical movement even for just 15 minutes of your coffee break.

For example, you can do push-ups against the wall, do stretches on your chair and do calisthenics in the employee’s lounge. We cannot overemphasize that exercise is most effective when done on a regular basis even if it means dividing a 30-minute daily workout into three 10-minute segments spaced throughout the day. No, we don’t recommend doing 2 straight hours of cardio exercise every Saturday and Sunday to make up for the past 5 days of inactivity.

Be Humble

Yes, weight loss is a very personal endeavor. You have to set the goal, make the plan and adopt the measures necessary to lose weight within the allotted time. You cannot rely on other people to eat the food you are supposed to be eating, do the exercises you are supposed to be doing and adopt the lifestyle changes you are supposed to be adopting.

This time, you must dig deep into yourself to find your motivation. Set your exercise goals based on your individual needs, wants and preferences as well as age, physical condition and underlying medical issues.

But this does not necessarily mean that you cannot ask for somebody else’s helping hand in achieving your weight loss goals. You must ask for help because you are but human who will become weak at some point against the temptations of eating too much and exercising too little.

You can have an exercise buddy who will motivate you to get up off the couch and exercise. Your buddy will also provide enjoyable company, thus, making your exercise session pass by quickly and you will look forward to the next session.

Finding the time and will to exercise is easy once you know how it’s done.

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