Try Controlling Your Portions And Eating Healthier Food For Weight Loss Success

Try Controlling Your Portions And Eating Healthier Food For Weight Loss SuccessEating junk foods and increasing weight is one thing, but if you think that you are eating healthy foods and still gaining weight by a few pounds, then it maybe that you are overeating. The solution to your problem is portion control. Every day, you should measure the portions of food you eat. If you are not careful about how much you eat, you will definitely gain weight!

In what you may believe in, portion control is NOT controlling the amount of food that you put on your plate; rather, it means controlling your daily calorie consumption. Nearly every food you buy from the grocery will have details about its calorie contents at the back of the package. Understand those labels carefully. By reading those labels, you will get a fair idea of how many calories you are consuming daily!

It could be that you are actually consuming more calories than what your body needs, and consequently gaining weight by leaps and bounds. Once you fulfill} this calorie [spin]counting scheme, you will be delighted to see your body weight has been reduced!

Control Your Eating PortionsAnother way to control your portions is by eating on a smaller plate. Let’s face it: You will feel like you are eating less food if you eat from a bigger plate, though this can be untrue. When it comes to putting enough food on your plate, it is more important to satisfy your eyes and mind instead of just your stomach. Therefore, the best way to achieve this is to eat from a smaller plate.

In fact, when you eat from a smaller plate and full it to the brim, you would believe that you are eating a lot more when, in fact, you are eating less than a normal plate full! Got it?

As soon as your mind is satisfied, you won’t feel tempted to eat any junk foods! As a matter of fact, most individuals overeat not because they are starved, but, because they want to deduce emotional comfort from food!

Another way to help reduce your food consumption without starving yourself: add natural fruits and veggies with every meal you eat. By eating fresh fruits and vegetables, you can satisfy yourself very quickly without worry about not being full. You will actually feel satisfied. You might believe that eating a lot of veggies is not going to fill your belly, but it unquestionably will! As a matter of fact, most of the fresh vegetables are rich in fiber, which is what satiates your hunger!

Why Do We Put on Weight So Easily?

We Eat Too Much Food In Western Society

The Best Way To Lose Weight Fast


Are certain people destined by their genes to be overweight or obese? The numbers vary greatly, but the heritability of body fat mass and body fat percentage is estimated at around 50%. That means our parents are only partly to blame for our size. Environmental factors, which are within our control, take half the blame.


Medical Causes

Medical Causes of Weight GainSome medical conditions are associated with weight gain. Examples are hypothyroidism (low levels of the thyroid hormone result in a lower metabolic rate), Cushing’s disease (the adrenal glands overproduce corticosteroid, which stimulates the deposition of fat) and genetic disorders such as Prader-Willi, Bardet-BeidI, Cohen, and Alstrom syndromes.

The consumption of certain drugs, such as glucocorticosteroids (sometimes found in traditional medicines), oral contraceptives and antipsychotics, can also cause weight gain. Collectively, medical conditions and drugs are the cause of obesity in less than 5% of cases.

If you are very obese or are gaining weight despite maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regime, it is a good idea to see your doctor to exclude the above conditions.

Lifestyle Factors

Too Much Relaxation Can Cause Weight GainWhat then are the causes of obesity in the more than 95% of cases? Don’t blame it on “slow metabolism”. Lifestyle factors, such as sedentarism and a high intake of energy-dense food, are to blame. Our environment has a bigger effect on our weight than we would like to think.

In the past, when transportation networks were less efficient and fewer things were automated, people could not avoid being physically active.

Today, we have cars, car washes, elevators, escalators, travellators, golf buggies, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, motorized lawnmowers and many more machines to spare us the physical exertion. It has been estimated that Australian farmers in the outback took 20,000 steps per day and hunter-gatherers in tribal societies took 30,000 steps per day.

How many steps do you think the average city dweller who drives daily to an office job takes a day? Only about 3,000! Some housewives who enrolled for a weight loss program recently recorded taking fewer than 2,000 steps per day before they started making positive changes to their lifestyles!

We have always been paid for providing manual labor. Today, we pay for the opportunity to do manual work – we pay membership fees to use the gym!

Fancy Restaurant With Fattening Foods

With fancy restaurants, mega food courts, fast-food outlets, takeaway outlets, home-delivery services, 24-hour convenience stores, and even mobile food vans, food has become extremely accessible. In fact, it is hard to avoid food. Not only is food easily available and intensively marketed, but serving sizes are also increasing. Drinks come in super-sized cups, snack foods such as chocolates and potato chips are packaged with an extended portion marked “Extra 20% free!”, more and more restaurants are jumping on the all-you-can-eat bandwagon and value meals and “upsize” offers encourage customers to eat out and eat more!

How To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

Eat Less and Eat Right And Lose WeightWeight Loss and staying in great shape is 70% eating and 30% exercise. Most people think that just because they had a great session in the gym, they can ‘pig out’. This is really counter-productive and the best weight loss plans involve eating the right foods at the right times, followed by some exercise.

If losing weight feels like a mission you’ll struggle your whole life to keep that weight off. However, if you view losing weight as fun and enjoyable you’ll find it easy to lose weight and keep it off.

Here are 8 amazing tips for losing weight and keeping it off. When you follow these every day and regard being in great shape as a lifestyle change, you’ll find losing weight easy!

1. Focus on what you want.

Find a picture of the body you want and stick it in a place where you can see it first thing when you wake up and last thing before you go to sleep. You have this part of your brain called the Reticular Activating System (RAS) which works like a heat-seeking missile. When you have a target/goal to aim for, it’ll find a way to get you there.

2. Start the day with some exercise

Start each day with some form of exercise. Before you eat anything either go for a long walk, jog or gym session. When you start your day with a little exercise on an empty stomach, you’re able to burn the largest amount of calories. You’ll also get your metabolism going, which will help you to burn calories throughout the day.

3. Eat 5-6 small-medium meals throughout the day

You should be eating a small-medium sized meal every 2-3 hours throughout the day. This keeps you blood-sugar levels constant throughout the day. This will also eliminate all the cravings for sugary foods, which are filled with fat. Your stomach is small and giving it small-medium meals throughout the day, you don’t store any unnecessary fat.

4. Eat 4-6 portions of fruit and veg throughout the day

By eating 4-6 portions of fruit and veg throughout the day you’ll give you body all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals it needs to operate at Peak Performance. Think of your body like a car. What car would you like your body to be? A sports car, a nice four by four or a rickety old Volkswagen? The food you put in your body is like the petrol you put in your car. When you put in the right foods, at the right time, you’ll have amazing amounts of energy to perform all your daily tasks.

5. Drink loads of water

Your body is made up of 70% water and your brain 85%, so drink 2-3 litres of water throughout the day to keep hydrated. Your body often confuses hunger with thirst, so drink a full glass of water before every meal and you’ll find yourself eating less.

6. Stay off the carbs for dinner

Say no to carbs at dinner time! Make sure you just eat protein and either fruit, veg or salad for dinner. Stay away from things like pasta, bread, and potatoes in the evening. These foods just sit there and don’t have enough time to be burnt off. When you go to bed they are metabolized very slowly and turn into fat. You’ll wake up tired and bloated after an evening of carbs for dinner.

7. Green tea

Have a cup of green tea in the evening after dinner. Green tea is proven to increase your metabolism. It’s full of anti-oxidants to boost your immune system and keep you healthy and full of energy.

8. Get a good night’s sleep

Research has shown you need 6-8 hours sleep a night to function at Peak levels of mental and physical fitness throughout the day. When you have a great night’s rest, you’ll wake up feeling great, which will help you to start the day off in great shape. When you have great energy and emotions during the day you’ll have less need to eat junk food to give you a lift.

Follow these 8 tips throughout the day, each day for the next month and you’ll notice the weight falling off. You’ll also notice how great you feel and all the energy you have. The key to creating a lasting change in your body and your health is to find ways to lose weight that are enjoyable. When you enjoy the process and look at staying in great shape as a lifestyle change, you’ll find reaching your weight loss goals is really easy!

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